Song called "Rain" that starts with sound of thunder, from 90's "Sentimental Hits" compilation

  • I used to hear a mix album when I was 4-5 years old with a cassette player. And I was really in love with a single song the title was "rain" for sure. I saw that on the song index of the cassette's cover(album cover).

    I guess that was a locally mixed album of various artists, because the same album had the Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love". So as of Roxette's history they haven't included this song in another album.The album cover had a blue color heart on white background. Also as per my remind the title of the album was "Top most sentimental hits".

    My parents said this cassette tape bought on mid 90's. And I don't remember the artist's name.I don't remember the lyrics either and do remember the rhythm very well. Also the song starts with a roaring thunder. starts with the thunder and when thunder stops some piano rhythm plays like rain drops.

    So this song must be at least from 1970's, 80's or early 90's and might be a sentimental hit. Can anyone help me to find this particular song?

    It would really help if you included some songs whose title contains the word 'rain' which you have already eliminated. See for a list of songs simply called 'rain' to see how mammoth a task it would be for people to just start throwing in suggestions based on a 3-decade span with no other information.

    My first thought when i read this was crying in the rain by A-ha. It matches the time, has rain in the title, starts with thunder and is very sentimental. But there are a lot of other titles which could also match your description, so we need more information to give you a correct answer

    @kl78 Sorry. This is not it. Mine starts with the thunder and when thunder stops some piano rhythm plays like rain drops.

    @Tetsujin thanks for the tip, I checked that wiki article and checked all the songs before 1995. None of em match

    "Love Reign O'er Me" by the Who fits your description starting with thunder and rain and a piano imitating raindrops. I also suspect it could be "Riders on the Storm" by the Doors.

  • I think the song you mean may be "Rhythm of the Rain" by The Cascades. The start of the song exactly matches your description of roaring thunder following by raindrops-like piano rhythm. It is a hit song from the 1960s, so it matches your timeline as well.

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