Can you please tell me what's the name of this classic melody that is been played in the background?

  • I have cut a part of a Persian movie and I love the melody that is being played in the background. I'm totally sure that it's not an Iranian one.
    Would you please listen to this part of the movie and guess the name of the melody? I think it should be a combination of piano and violin?

    Audio of the movie part

    Don't pay attention to the voice of the man and the woman. They're speaking in Persian.

    Edit: based on @GeorgeLaw 's comment, I have splitted the audio to two parts, are the names of these two pieces guessable?

    • piece1 (a sonata for piano and cello)
    • piece2 (a concerto for accordion and orchestra)

    It sounds like there are two separate pieces of music. The first piece sounds like part of a sonata for piano and cello, the second like part of a concerto for accordion and orchestra.

    @GeorgeLaw I'm totally illiterate in music terms. Maybe I should show your comment to my sister. She's a music composition student. But what do you mean? you mean it's not a specific song written by a western composer?

    2nd piece may just be for strings. Style is reminiscent of Arvo Pärt, but I don't recognise the music.

    Would you happen to know the name of the movie this is from?

    @Brahadeesh the name of the TV series is Shahrzad)

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