Why is the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy called so?

  • As clear from the title, why is Troy Sivan's music video trilogy and album Blue Neighbourhood called so?

    Is it a reference to man's world? As blue represent men - or is there some other meaning?

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    6 years ago

    Troye explains:

    “I mean, it was a lyric from Wild. Leave this Blue Neighbourhood.”

    “Basically, I come from Perth, which is a moderately sized city of 2 million people. From within that, I come from a really small Jewish community. I feel like I have had this really sheltered, perfect suburban upbringing.”

    “And so, all of these stories that I have written come from that place. And take place in that context of this Blue Neighbourhood. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

    “It’s the mundaneness of it, but it’s where your truth is. That’s where it all happened for me, so it only felt natural to call the music video trilogy and the album that.”

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