Does this music from *Assassin's Creed* align with Renaissance music techniques?

  • Please see this YouTube video starting from 0:00 to 0:19s.

    All of Ezio's "Requiescat in Pace's"

    Now, this Assassin's Creed game covers the life of Ezio Auditore, an assassin who lived in Italy during the Renaissance period. All the buildings, like the Colosseum, different churches, etc. are all in their correct position in the game. The date and place of death of the Pope (Rodrigo Borgia) in the game is also correct. The buildings in the game and the dresses of different characters, all give a feel of Italy of those times.

    Question: Does the music in the video, that I linked above, also follow typical Renaissance music structure?

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    I believe the tune in that extract is "Ezio's family" by Jesper Kyd, who composed the music for AC 1 and 2

    I don't believe the structure or composition techniques of the extract have anything particularly to do with Rennaissance. More about evoking a mood, I think. Renaissance music may evoke a mood, but that isn't usually the primary purpose. So far as I know, Renaissance music has a particular purpose - it's for a choir to sing in a church service, or it's to accompany dancing or entertainment, or it's a song.

    So I think the intent and structure have more in common with the 19th C "Romantic" time ("program music"), or the modern day too - film scores etc.

    Some examples of Rennaissance music and structure on youtube :

    1) Structure - "polyphony" or many parts interweaving, rather than a melody with accompaniment. Usually a text in Latin for use in a religious service

    "Qui habitat" by French/Flemish composer Josquin des Prez

    2) Structure : dance music, with repeated tunes, similar to folk music

    Selection of instrumental

    3) Instrumental music. Has its roots in dance music, or songs, which is why individual pieces are named after dances e.g. "Pavane"

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