Da na, da na, (da na?) da na dee (followed by 8 (?) cowbell (?) clanks)

  • There's a song that I heard a few years ago, that I had previously not heard in probably over 15 years (maybe over 20), but when I heard it a few years ago I was like, "oh, that song." Like it was one I remembered hearing more often as a kid. The two lines I remember (which are identical) are:

    Da na, da na, (da na?) da na dee (followed by I think 8 cowbell klanks, perhaps fading into the next line (I'm not sure if there are 3 or 4 "da nas" before the "dee", and yes those are probably other words but my ear for music lyrics has never been good) Next line: Da na, da na, (da na?) da na dee (and again some cowbell or something like it, I think, although I'm not as sure here as I am about after the first line)

    I think I first heard it no later than the very early 90s, but it seems like more of an 80s song. Does anyone have any clue what song I'm thinking about?

    When I first joined this group yesterday, I was planning on seeking help identifying a Doobie Brothers song with "dnt-dnt-dnt-dnt-dnt-dnt-DNT-DNT-dananana, dnt-dnt-dnt-dnt-dnt-dnt-DNT-DNT-dananana" which I thought began with "When I was a young boy, even at the age of five" (that's from another song I think). Anyway, I made one last effort looking through their discography on Wikipedia and discovered it - "Dependin' on You" (1979, from the album Minute by Minute). Perhaps knowing how I remembered that song until yesterday could help someone trying to answer my present quandary.

    Are you saying that the actual lyrics are "da na" or that it just has the "da na" rhythm?

    The latter. And thanks for the list.

    Can it be "Nah neh nah" from Vaya Con Dios? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LUm-E4GPU8

    It's not this? Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee) No cowbells, but the words might match.

  • I haven't been on this site for almost four years. About a year ago, I heard Fleetwood Mac's "Hold Me" on the radio at my workplace, and could tell that that was the song I was thinking about. That evening (or maybe during my lunch break) I watched the music video on YouTube, and that solidified it. Each (somewhat dragged out "ho-old me" in the chorus kind of fades out into the next one (three of them before a series of cowbell clanks (or something similar), and then another three "ho-old me"s). It may not seem like the song I was talking about from my question, but at that point I hadn't heard the song in a few years and I memory of it was somewhat faded (but I very much wanted to hear it again).

    "Hold Me" was on the list that Chris Sunami referred me to (I just checked) so partial credit there, although that list seemed too long for me to attempt listening to all of those songs and I ended up hearing it on the radio in my office and asking co-workers, "What's that song?"

    Thanks for everyone who tried to help me find out what song it was.

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