Why do [usually] musicians have long hair?

  • This question is a little bit about history and culture, but it has been a question since I've watched a live show. Well, I've "Googled it" before, and I've got some answers but none of them were really right. Some believe it's because some musicians(especially rock musicians) are against the [usual] social norms so... but some others believe that's because they sometimes wanna headband so it gives them a good feeling.(!)

    "*Almost cut my hair. Happened just the other day. It's gettin' kind of long. I could've said it was in my way, but I didn't and I wonder why I feel like letting my freak flag fly*".

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    I think it all started with bands like the beatles that, as you said were against the social norms (at least in terms of appearance). Generally rock music scene always wanted to be against the norms and to shock, with it's lyrics, with it's loudness and with the band's appearance. Headbanging was not that popular until the late 70ies/early 80ies so I think that it was a sub-product of trying to go against the norms.

    One quick google search and I found a **newspaper article from 1842** about "long-haired musicians" in The London Saturday journal: "as it is expected of musicians now-a-days to wear long hair as a necessary appendage to their talent" https://books.google.be/books?id=OYMFAAAAQAAJ&pg=RA2-PA243&lpg=RA2-PA243&dq=long+haired+musicians&source=bl&ots=dvO0vLcjdL&sig=YiXprg5P5GK0N5GGFeWPHqBqx-c&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=long%20haired%20musicians&f=false

    Nice! Why don't you post this as an answer?

    @papakias probably unrelated, but in Ancient Greece, the basis of the West civilization, Spartans had long hair (in contrast with Athenians or Macedonians). Spartans were very good in dance and music, and the did express themselves by that, in contrast with Athens citizens, which choose History to express themselves. Maybe a microscopic element derives from that time, maybe not, just saying! :)

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