What are the orange bars on Amazon Music track lists?

  • I've just started listening to Amazon Music. (I am an Amazon Prime subscriber.) I've noticed that when I look at a track list for an album, each track has a bar graph indicator with orange bars. What do they mean?

    I've shown an example below. They are not progress bars, because I have not yet listened to any of the tracks below on Amazon Music. Nothing happens when you click or hover over the bars with the cursor.

    Abbey Road orange bars

    I gaurntee it's popularity just like iTunes has.

  • Pat Dobson

    Pat Dobson Correct answer

    6 years ago

    If you inspect the source code of the page you will see that the 'id' of that particular bar is :


    In addition, the 'class' of the column in which it sits is :


    Which implies that, as Dom said, it's the popularity of the track amongst downloaders.

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