Steve Vai logo meaning

  • Is there any significance in the Steve Vai logo below?

    enter image description here

    To me it looks like the artist's name but I was always wondering if there is more in it since Steve always likes to put hidden meanings everywhere.

    Steve Vai discusses his spirituality in depth, however justified it may be. You can find some of his interviews on YouTube about this matter.

  • Literally, it reads "V. A. Eye". Steve has been somewhat elusive on the whole meaning, but he did submit this answer to a question asked on his website:

    “If you research metaphysics you will find mystical meanings for pyramids and triangles, and the power of numerology and the number 7 being a prime focus. I had made many discoveries whilst I was seeking spiritual balance in my life. I believe there is cause and effect based in metaphysics, and the study of which can bring one closer to the roots of the human being. But l have also found that more than not they can be a big deterrent in the progress of spiritual evolution, and at times very dangerous. Numerology, mystics, fortune telling, etc., all have their place and their reality but at the core of the matter, is where the essence of it all really is, and everything else is just an obstacle in getting there. What I’m saying is, I wouldn’t worry about the pyramid and the numbers.”

    The first usage of the pyramid was on Passion and Warfare, and if you follow Steve then you know he went through a "spiritual awakening" of sorts while recording that album. You probably also know that Steve released a "Greatest Hits" record of sorts, called The Seventh Song, that literally consisted of the seventh song on every previous release. This ties in to his mention of Numerology and the number 7 in the quote above.

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