What happened to Duffy?

  • Does anybody know what happened to Duffy? Her last album was released five years ago, hardly any live performance the last years, too.

    Any news for a new album? Or did she just give up?

  • According to Wikipedia:

    At the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, it was announced that Duffy would return to acting with a starring role in the film Secret Love, and would contribute to its soundtrack.

    She might want to focus more on acting than on singing.

    That was last I heard too - but neither Duffy's nor Niall Johnson's page shows that as even being to pre-production/script yet [including on IMDB Pro which lists more than the public version]

  • From IMDb she has been working (since 2015):

    • As an actress in the movie Legend, playing Timi Yuro.
    • As a sountrack writer in the movie Legend, writing Whole Lotta Love.
    • As a soundtrack singer in the movie Legend, singing Whole Lotta Love, Are You Sure, Make the World Go Away

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