Who composed and performed the soundtrack to the game Lords of Thunder

  • In the early 90s a game was created for the Sega CD system called Lords of Thunder. It took advantage of the new system's ability to reproduce CD quality sound and included an instrument-only hard rock soundtrack. It was a decent game, though I would never put it on a top 20 list; but that music...

    For 20 years I've kept these MP3s around as my primary programming music (and driving music). The quality of the composition and the performance are incredible and it's some of my favorite hard rock; words fail to explain how strongly I feel about it. It's also unusual in that there are no lyrics, which makes it perfect background music for a focus-intensive task. I would like to find more such music from the same band, preferably as close as possible to the original, but I cannot find information on where it came from anywhere even after years of searching. The only attribution I've ever found is: Sega Sound Team.

    Is anyone able to provide the composer(s) and/or performer(s) of this music? If not, can anyone provide suggestions for similar music that might imply a link?

  • The last facet of Lords of Thunder, but absolutely positively not the least, is its aural experience. Though the sound effects and all are good standard fare, the immediate standout of the sound design is the music. Produced by T's Music


    Their website: http://www.tsmusic.co.jp/

    +1 for you :) ... -1 to T's music site for being Flash only :/

    Thank you; excellent detective work. I'm unfamiliar with this industry. Do companies like T's Music have composers on staff that just write whatever the job requires and farm out performance, meaning I'll never find anything else by the 'same band'? Or would they likely have contracted an existing band to do this? In the case of the latter how would one find what band it was farmed out to in order to find other work they have done? T's website is incredibly light on information.

  • It might be possible that it could have been Eddie You and Andrew Parsons Lin from IGS sound team. The guitar instrumentation and style is so similar to DODONPachi it is scary. Now it could also be Ryuichi Yabuki of CAVE games given that is who was doing music for CAVE during that time period.

    Thank you. I have not been able to verify any connection yet, but the guitar in the stage 1 soundtrack from DoDonPachi does sound almost like it could have been a Lords of Thunder bonus track.

  • Satoshi Miyashita, guitarist, bassist and composer works for T's Music, composed and performed various Epic Metal songs from the game Lords of Thunder.

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