What's this 90s pop song with a children's choir?

  • I have this song stuck in my head for, believe it or not, something like 20 years. Can you help me identify it? Thanks!

    It must have been popular (and probably released) in the 90s in Europe. The central melody that I remember was, I think, sung by a choir of children. The melody is, in musipedia.org notation, as follows:

    d''8 d''4 b'8 c''4 b'4 d''8 d''4 r4 b'8 d''8 g''4 d''8 fis''4 fis''8 e''4 r4 g''8 g''4 g''8 e''4 c''4 b'4 e''8 d''4 b'8 d''4 e''8 c''4 a'8 g'4

    Here's a link to the site, where the melody can be played: the melody.

    Any clues as to country of origin or language of song ? maybe not if it was 20 years ago.

    I really don't know. Although now that I think about it, I guess it probably wasn't in English because I don't seem to remember any lyrics even though I did speak English reasonably well at the time already.

    Try to remember a portion of the lyrics, if you can, type it into www.findsongbylyric.com and you'll probably find the song.

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