Name of song "No water in the dry dry well"

  • I am looking for the name of the song that starts at 1:16 in the Goliath TV trailer.

    The lyrics I can hear are:

    No water
    No water
    In the dry, dry well
    And the water is my blood

    Anybody have any ideas?

    I believe that is a licensed song which is not out yet.

    Yes, I had the same issue with a song I liked in a car commercial. It wasn't available until several months after the commercial came out.

    Thom Blair. Are talking about that song from the Lexus commercial? And as for the "Dry well" song, i watched the t.v. show and they don't use it in their opening credits.... So i think we'll just have to wait.

    It was the song from the Fiat Spider Free Like A Bird, which turned out to be based on Shy Bird. As for the Dry Well song, thanks for the info. I'll wait a few months, then check again.

  • It seems to be E. Enfield & AG's "No Water", but it hasn't been released yet.

    Secret Road Music Services confirmed on their website that:

    E. Enfield & AG's "No Water" Featured in Amazon's Goliath Trailer

    @Bebs If you mean the video, I know, but the text on the page has given me the best lead yet on the name and artists of the song. Can you open the link to a webpage? The link does do that for me.

    still nothing to this day?

    @Dunno I’ve tried contacting Secret Road but no response. I’m guessing the rights to the song were bought and for some reason it won’t ever be released.

    Weird huh! The full song can't even be found anywhere. It's jsut only bits here and there. It's been 2 years since I heard in Killjoys and it's still nothing. Bizzare

    I even called Amazon customer support and they said they have no idea about it.

    nobody does. That's the funny part

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