Late 2000's rock song possibly called "On and on"

  • So I’m really distraught right now that I can’t find this song.

    The song is called “On and on”. (It could be “On and on and on”) It’s a song by a rock band that I think begins with ”L”. The song is a bit like Arctic Monkey’s “Snap out of it”, but more cheerful, but that is my personal opinion. I only remember some of its lyrics from its chorus:

    Are you ready to go?
    And all the people I know
    On and on and on and on (x4)

    And the singer always likes to break his voice in the last repetition of “on and on and on and on”.

    I saw the music video of this song on YouTube about 5-7 years ago, but I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube now. The song itself could be older than that, but judging from the music video, I think it’s in the late 2000s. All I remember from the music video is that the lead singer is kind of buck-toothed; I think he’s wearing sunglasses or glasses.

    I’d really appreciate it if someone could tell me the name of the band. I’d also like to know where to find the song.

    Try 'on and on' by The Micheal Schenker Group (MSG). Don't know if there was ever a video of it though ?

    I did a search for ready to go and on and on and found Take Me In by VanVelzen. Not a complete match but maybe?

    Or maybe On And On by Friska Viljor?

    @Pat Dobson No, that's not it. Nice song though! :) Thanks for trying to help.

    @jomki No, they are not it. Both of them are nice songs though! :) Thanks for putting thought into this.

  • Antonia

    Antonia Correct answer

    6 years ago

    Even though they're not the one I'm looking for, thanks everyone for helping!

    I finally found the song!!! :D It's "On and On" by The LoFi. Here's the link:

    I still don't understand why I can't find it on Youtube even though I typed in "on and on". It can only be found when I type in "the lofi on and on" :(

    Turns out he was singing "Get ready to go." I was right in all other accounts though. But the band is almost nonexistent on the Internet, so all the hints are pretty useless anyway. I actually found it because I was whining about it, and my sister suddenly remembered that when she bought a new laptop several years ago, she moved the bookmarks of the browser from our old computer, and took my bookmarks with her. ANYWAY, I saved this song then, and boy, am I glad I did.

    The band "The LoFi" is really awesome! Check it out, guys! The MV of On and on is just as funny as I remembered.:)

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