identify music from Discovery Channel documentaries

  • I'm hearing the same music in several Discovery Channel documentaries. Is this a song or a melody composed just for Discovery documentaries?

    The piece can be heard at the 18:10 mark in this video.

    Edit: The video I originally linked to was deleted so I've provided a new video link. The video's name is "The Ape Who Went to College" from Animal Planet but I think I also heard it in another series like Mystery Cars (a TV show about vintage dream concept cars) and, as I mentioned, I have heard this music in lots of other documentaries.

    I don't know if this helps but I'm guessing some of the Discovery Documentaries were made by the BBC and PBS.

  • It's probably a music service that they purchase or something like that. The credits say Music "Audio network universal music library" so it may be some type of catalog of music that they have the rights to use. Check out

    Yup, Audio Network are one of the big players in the library music field.

    right, checking credits good idea! i like this site ill keep in mind, i see some other musics that i remember. but it seems im gonna search from there. now im gonna figure out what words needed for searching this music, how can i describe this song. what are the other big players by the way? i can find nice musics from them. @tetsujin

    There are a lot of companies that do this - it's called 'library music' generically. deWolfe are another big player. You search by 'mood' & 'genre' really, you won't be able to search by 'who used it in what'. All the music will be in essence 'free' to play, but you have to pay to use it in a product/video/movie etc.

    @Tetsujin i mean i dont understand anything about music. im just a occasional and casual listener. how can i find my track with no any idea what my track felt to me. i cant describe the mood of my track. so searching on my own is imposible for me.

    i searched a bit but icant find my unknown track :)

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