Rock and metal albums recorded with symphony orchestras

  • I am looking for rock and metal bands who recorded albums with real orchestras. Examples:

    • Scorpions And Berliner Philharmoniker - Moment Of Glory (2000)

    • Within Temptation and Metropole Orchestra - Black Symphony (2008)

    • Metallica with The San Francisco Symphony - S&M (Symphony and Metallica)

    I know that "rock" and "metal" are very wide genres of music, but I think I don't have to be very specyfic because there are not so many albums like this and I think I like all kinds of rock.

    I'm a bit new on this part of StackExchange network, so if something is wrong with my question please don't downvote my question too hard.

    Could you give your thoughts about what people answered below?

  • Quite a bit older, but I would include:

    The Moody Blues with the London Festival Orchestra - Days of Future Passed (1967)

  • And other old ones:

    • Procol Harum: Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
    • Deep Purple: Concerto for Group and Orchestra

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