Music video comic/cartoon like, detective and woman and mob

  • I'm looking for song, probably years 80's/90's. What i remember is music video that was cartoon-like, but technique was comic-like. Pictures was rather static - movement seemed as painted for comic. Some action was by moving objects apart of the main picture. Dialogues as far as i remember comic-like, subtitles in balloons boxes.

    Persons - woman ala usa 60's, in motel bar. Man - ala 60's detective - coat, hat. Two bodyguards/mob thugs, big guys in suits, hats.

    At some point thugs takes woman in to car. Probably there was chase on the road, but i can't really remember :)

    Drawing style of pictures was probably like this one (comics no 11, 19): Detective Comics Values: Issues #11 to #20 so, it could be that i was wrong and the style of drawing, and reality is shown as in 30s in USA.

    Regards, Marcin

    @Bebs Hello, i guess it was pop or light rock. Unfortunately mostly i remember, that i liked it... I was also unable to find it myself trying many queries regarding all i remember.

    Can you check if it is *Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution* or *U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me* ? Thank you =)

  • Based on your edit.

    I believe it is

    The Alan Parsons Project - Don't Answer Me Video:

    I saw title and knew Yoy are right. Thank You. Its funny that it is so hard to find by Search.

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