"Wake up in the morning"

  • The only lyrics that I remember when hearing this song for at least once a week is, the chorus which is "Wake up in the morning".

    I think this song is still new, maybe not a year old. The vocals are like a boy band setup e.g. The Vamps, One Direction, etc.

    putting a negative without indicating why? that kinda sucks

    @Bebs well that's the least I can say with regards to the song that I am looking for, anyway thanks for the comment. And of course I tried multiple searches first until I got stumbled here.

    @KelvinBarsana, for future questions, here you can learn how you can improve your question and increase your chances for find the music you're looking for. and, don't worry by the downvotes, once you post more questions and answers, the community will support you :)

  • Nikki

    Nikki Correct answer

    6 years ago

    If the vocals are like the Vamps, could it be one of their songs? I am guessing 'Last Night'

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