How can I find the soundtrack list for documentaries?

  • I am desperate to find a track used in some documentaries seen on National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Does anyone knows where I can find a propper soundtrack list for them?

    For example, one of the shows is Deals, Wheels & Steals S01E03 and the music starts at minute 03:01.

    Nice edit @Bebs Having now heard the piece, it absolutely has to be Library, though not one I recognise & certainly not one of mine ;)

    @Tetsujin, it sure is Library for me too. Good luck to find it OP... and if you really really need it, a decent guitarist could be able to cover it for you ;-)

  • Almost always, with this type of show, the soundtracks are entirely sourced from Libraries.

    Library music companies specialise in generic-sounding music catalogued by 'sound', 'mood' etc making it easier for program makers to source music for their production.

    The titles are never credited on the show itself & with no title they become almost impossible to search, even if you knew which Library company they used.

    Even the composer of the piece is highly unlikely to know in just what shows their music was used. Royalty payment comes to them a year later as part of an overall payment for usage of that title in the past year. Quite often the only breakdown is by country of use.

    So, usually the only way to figure out what a piece is, is to contact the production company who made the show - not the channel who aired it - & ask them. They had to accurately report the usage to the relevant authorities & so they are the only people who would be able to track it down from season, episode & timing information.

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