What is the song of this guitar intro?

  • I'm looking to remember the song that is used in the opening of this video. I remember it being very famous (and probably from the 80's or 90's), but i can't remember!

    (I've got a impression it was b52 or oingo boingo, but couldn't find it in their songs)

    You got a timestamp? All I see is some guy yelling in 'foreign'

    @Tetsujin, it might be the short guitar riff on the very beginning of the video.

    ahh - it was over before I even got to my volume dial ;-) It's Billy Idol, Rebel Yell

    White Wedding, not Rebel Yell

    Sorry, @HenriAugusto - my initial comment was erroneous. I missed the first couple of seconds before I'd turned up my volume & didn't realise there was only about 1 second of the riff - good job I recognised it immediately, though it took me a couple of minutes to figure out which Billy Idol song it was.

    @Tetsujin Portuguese is the 'foreign.'

    @M.Mat - yeah, I wasn't sure. Didn't think it was Spanish, of which I speak about 6 words, wasn't certain enough of it being Portuguese. I really would have removed my less-than-patient comment had it not been part of the flow of later comments - so, red-faced, I left it there ;-) My own *stoopid* fault for not having the speakers up when the vid started.

    Portuguese has the distinction of sounding like Spanish and Russian (or something Slavic). People often don't recognize the spoken language.

  • Tetsujin

    Tetsujin Correct answer

    5 years ago

    It's Billy Idol - White Wedding (1982)


    Wikipedia: White Wedding (song)

    Thanks! I did too thought for a second about Billy Idol haha and i've tried Rebell Yell and Dancing With Myself but gave up on him after that. Because i've thought those were his only two songs i knew. Just happens i forgot i've used to listen White Wedding as i child! That intro sounded so familiar. Now thats a memorable intro!

    Absolutely. I recognised it immediately - but jumped to the wrong initial conclusion. As soon as I heard the rebel yell intro then I knew it was White wedding instead. Finding the videos on YouTube actually took longer than the mental process. That is one great intro. Check out 'Eyes Without a Face' for the last great song he did in that series. Again, some lovely guitar work & I think his best song overall.

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