Song playing in Lift Me Up first dance scene

  • So guys, help me out. I am getting really frustrated because I can't find this song anywhere.

    In the movie Lift Me Up, when her stepdad goes out jogging, she turns on music and starts dancing. I have been trying to find that song, but with no succes. Using Shazam gave nothing. I googled all the lyrics, but no matches showed up. I tried the songs in the credits, none of them fit. So, help me, what is this song called?

    The lyrics:

    nail me to your self-righteous cross forgive me for what i've done and what i am your wicked confidence is holes and lies i may be a young woman but some of us have eyes
    (La la la and more la)
    Im crying out of frustration you are such a lost cause and its such a waste
    How can you forgive a wrong that wasnt done?
    You have to be the only one who never was now im sifting through the insignificance and im dying just to find redemption
    (La la la, more la and song stops)

    Also, the credits talk about a singer called Lexie Hofer, but there is practically nothing online about her, and maybe two songs that aren't the one I am looking for. The other songs in the credits can't be found. (Lost cause, letting go, the escape, sinking)

    @Noralie Can you provide a link to that scene? If might be helpful.

    I watched it on netflix, so I dont actually have a link

    Can you provide the exact moment when the song starts?

    Its in the beginning of the movie, first few minutes. The opening scene sort of. Were the stepdad leaves for a jog and the girl turns on the music to dance, that is the song.

  • Kendra

    Kendra Correct answer

    5 years ago

    Lost Cause by Lexie Hofer is the song you are looking for.

    Okay, so this is super frustrating. While looking for the song, I came by this site a few times, but could never find the actual song. Now I am opening the site on my laptop (instead of my phone) and suddenly there is a list of featured songs. Wtf. So, as it appears, it just cant be found on my phone. No list of songs at all. I feel really frustrated about the design of the website now xD But thanks for making me check again on my laptop, at least I have it now xD

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