What is this instrument from Rayman Origins Game?

  • I've been playing with Rayman Origins game and I wondering what is the instrument that sounds in it. You can hear it in Jibberish Jungle ~ The Darktoon Chase.

    It's the first one that sounds.

    I think is an Australian aboriginal instrument.

    I think Tetsujin is correct. Maybe you are mixing it with the Didgeridoo which is Australian aboriginal instrument but I'm pretty sure in your track it is a synthesised sound or a Jew's Harp.

  • DWndrer

    DWndrer Correct answer

    2 years ago

    This is definitely a jews harp, also known as a jaw harp. My own amateur attempt at replicating the rhythm on a Glazryin Lighthouse jaw harp:

    Furthermore, you can hear metal plucking in the Rayman song which is the characteristic jaw harp sound.

    You might be wondering why some of the notes don't sustain in Jibberish Jungle. A skilled harpist can use muting techniques to stop and start the sustain giving some fantastic popping sounds:

    . Again, jump to around the minute mark to see a demonstration of the kind of muting going on in Jibberish Jungle.

    That being said, it's probable that they take the original sample and filter and modulate it as the song progresses, you stop hearing the metal flick a few seconds in.

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