What's this song during the scissors scene from "The Big Lebowski?"

  • In The Big Lebowski, after The Dude leaves Jackie Treehorn's, there's a short scene of him running down the street before being picked up by the Malibu police.

    A song plays here with heavy drums and a strong bass line, with a psychedelic-rock kind of sound when he is chased by the Nihilists with giant scissors. The song then fades out as we see The Dude at the police station, singing the lyrics to "Branded."

    You can see the right moment here.

    What is this song? Is it something original from Carter Burwell (the composer on the film) or a popular song? I'm not talking about The First Edition's I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) but the short song just after.

    I believe it is original an composition from cater burwell but i have no way to support that belief. It starts at 1h23min20sec into the film (bluray) with the topless lady falling and the three men in red with giant scissors and transitions into the street running scene.

    video of this segment can be found via "lebowski dream." It comes off the end of the Kenny Rogers song, but it is clearly a different piece of audio. It almost sounds like Iron Butterfly, but it was probably original for the movie as @Alaskaman suggests.

    @fedorqui And which of the tracks listed do you think is the one I described? (I've been through them all and can't tell.)

    I also tried and failed to find the one. We should go and listen to each one, hoping that it is in the list.

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