Greatest longevity in Rock bands, keeping all initial members

  • I'm looking for famous Rock bands that had the greatest longevity with keeping all initial members.

    Here are some restrictions:

    • Initial members would be the ones who recorded the first album.

    • Famous would be a band that reached the Billboard magazine charts at least once.


    • Short temporary replacements on live concerts and/or a few songs on studio albums.

    • Additional members for live or recording sessions, whether they stay in the band or not.

    Saying that, the Rolling Stones, still active today, will only count 6 years as Brian Jones died in 1969. The Beatles will count as 7 years even if Ringo Starr had been briefly replaced on live concerts.

    If you are going to include the Beatles, then you might consider Rush which has gone almost 40 years with Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. The first album (Rush, 1974) had Rutsey on drums. Peart appears on Caress of Steel, 1975. Band ended in 2015 so they had that line up for 40 years, it would seem.

    @PhillipSiebold I didn't include the Beatles, it was just an example of a band that had a brief replacement, but still count as seven years.

    I should think the Beatles are eligible for this question; fill-ins for live shows shouldn't take away from the fact that no other drummer (except possibly Paul) recorded on their studio albums.

    @JasonPSallinger, I was expecting bands that lasted more than seven years...

    It's gonna be tough I think. Any band with longevity suffers at the hands of death or in-fighting.

    Which subgenres of rock are allowed? Tokio Hotel still has its initial members since its formation, but this is a pop-rock band (they changed their style to synthpop recently). Also, All Time Low (emocore).

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    SpinDownUGo Correct answer

    5 years ago

    Since you qualify initial members as recording the first album, thus dismissing an earlier single, I believe the winner would be ZZ Top. 1970-present gives them 47 years with the same lineup that recorded the first album.

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