80's Video: Hippies on a mountain, with a magic door

  • Sorry, i've not got much to go off

    The music video is filmed on the top of a mountain.

    The band/ singers are dressed like hippies with long hair/ beards.

    The song is quite old......maybe eighties but I may be way off the mark with that guess.

    The song is upbeat and very familiar- maybe used in films.

    During the music video, there's a door that appears and opens into thin air on the top of the mountain.

    I seem to remember the band or song having the word rust or rusty or rusted in the name but that could be wrong.

  • The only band I know with "Rusted" in the name is "Rusted Root". A quick search of their music videos turned up this video, including the hippies, the mountain and the magic door:

    Send Me on My Way (1995)

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