70's rock song about a man and his ship

  • I have been racking my brain and searching high and low to identify a song I can only partially remember from the 70's. Hoping someone on this exchange will have an idea. Here's what I can remember:

    1) Song is slow tempo rock or blues rock. 2) The song starts with what sounds like gale force winds blowing/whistling. 3) As the wind is blowing, an electric guitar begins strumming a 3-chord riff lightly and the guitar is fading in. Maybe Gm x2, then D, then Cm. 4) Drums and bass the kick in and the wind begins to fade completely out. 5) Song has a really good guitar solo in it. 6) The only lyrics I can remember, and I am not sure about this, is a line that says something like, "A man and his ship have a lot to learn" or "A man and a ship have a lot of nerve".

    I know this isn't much to go on and I can't come up with who the vocals sound like. For a long time, I thought it might be a Robin Trower song, but I have listened to them all and don't think that is correct. Any ideas? :-)

    Your description make me think about the band **Hawkwind**... I don't have particular song to suggest, I write this comment to see if it rings a bell to you.

    Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, that is not it.

    Mark is right! Gamma Voyager. Here's a link to YouTube. Yes! Good job Mark! https://youtu.be/kGbBkq1Mfek

  • Mark

    Mark Correct answer

    5 years ago

    My wife and I heard this song tonight (I found this thread trying to Google to see who it was). We also thought it sounded like Robin Trower, or maybe Pat Travers. At first she thought it might be Joe Bonamassa. Our local radio station is unmanned on Saturday nights but I'll email them on Monday.

    (edit) The song we heard Saturday night was Voyager by Gamma, I hope it's the song you're looking for. There is bit of a Robin Trower connection, here's the note I got back from the DJ:

    Very first song of the night? That was Gamma (Ronnie Montrose on guitar) - the song was from their second album called Gamma 2 - and is called "Voyager"

    Davey Pattison was the lead vocalist for Gamma -- he toured and did at least one album with Robin Trower ironcially !

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