Is there a particular meaning of graffiti in The Smashing Pumpkins' music video for "Ava Adore"?

  • Not being much of a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins, I've only just today first seen the music video for their song Ava Adore. Immediately, a graffiti caught my attention. Here is the screenshot (it is around 3:42 mark in the video):

    Screenshot of "Ava Adore" music video

    Now, this might be just my imagination, but to me it says СМРТ ЗА СМРТ, which in several Slavic languages means death for death.

    I couldn't find any references online pertaining to the writing, and search for the phrase only yielded results for the song of the same name (Smrt za smrt) by Slovenian industrial band Laibach.

    Is there a particular reason for using this phrase? Is it possible that it somehow relates to the lyrics and the themes of the song? Or have I just discovered an Easter egg almost twenty years after the video's been made?

    I expect it was something the set designers saw in a photo resource taken during the breakup of Yugoslavia. That section of the set is clearly the interior of a building in a conflict zone. Given the time period and the language, probably Serbia. Given the wide variety of sets, it seems doubtful there is any particularly deep meaning in this one, but I am only speculating so I can't consider this an answer. I mean, the immediately preceding one looks Roman. John Beard designed the set.

    @yorik Thanks, I really appreciate your opinion. It didn't cross my mind that the set might be based upon a photo, but now that you've mentioned it, it does make sense. And this certainly cranks the set designer's level of attention to details up a notch.

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