Is there a musical with "All Star" in it?

  • For my school assessment I need to perform a piece, however the piece must be from a musical. Being the teenager that I am, I would like to play All Star by Smash Mouth. Are there any musicals that contain this song?

  • Depending on how indulgent your teachers are, and how willing they are to stretch a point, you might argue that it was included in the movie "musical" Shrek.

    Ironically, while there was an actual legitimate musical created from Shrek, it did not include that song.

    I have to admit, I'm bemused that you're choosing for your teen-aged rebellion a song that is likely as old as you are or older. Surely there are more recent inappropriate-for-this-assignment songs to pick...

    True, but Shrek... My teacher allowed All Star!

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