What kind of music genre did Jesse Pinkman listen to in Breaking Bad?

  • To be more specific, I'm not asking about the soundtrack of the whole series.

    In a lot of scenes you can see Jesse listening to music that sounds like hip-hop or rap (please don't kill me if I'm wrong), but I don't know which bands or artists are and I really like them.

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    5 years ago

    Someone compiled here Jesse Pinkman's playlist.

    1. Get Low - Pudge
    2. Hook 'em horns - Johnny Ringo
    3. Dirty South Hustla - Carolina Slim
    4. My Rims - Chops
    5. Keep ballin' - Trump
    6. Money - D R Period
    7. Raise Hell - M.O.P Mash out posse
    8. Up in the club - The trak kartel
    9. Unga bunga - Flavor flav
    10. Digital Animal - Honey claws
    11. 1977 - Ana Tijoux
    12. Rocket Scientist - Teddybears
    13. If I had a heart-Fever Ray
    14. Flyentology - El-P feat Trent Reznor
    15. 808 track - Bassnectar feat Might high coup
    16. Break - Crown city rockers
    17. Down - Dub-Boro
    18. Fly - The pack
    19. Stay on the outside - Whitey
    20. Waynedale - Left lane cruise

    You were right, from what I heard, it's mainly hip-hop, rap, with sometimes electronic influences.

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