What is the name of this demo song for this keyboard?

  • I own this keyboard, and I'm trying to identify its 95th demo song. I can't seem to find its name in the resources that came with the keyboard. I've also tried Shazam and keyboard search websites such as Musipedia, but no luck. I ended up transcribing the song into sheet music, and my friend helped me identify that the first half is in G major and the second half is in A♭ major, so here is a PDF of that transcription. What is the name of this song?

    Could it be this song list? https://www.floridamusicco.com/PDF/pianokeybdsonglist.pdf - then it is called "Skipping Tune"

    @Stefan Unfortunately, no; assuming these videos are the same Skipping Tune, that song is jazz, and isn't at all the same as the one I'm trying to identify. I believe that your list, which has 112 songs, is just a different list of songs from the 100 my keyboard has.

  • PiedPiper

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    3 years ago

    The song is "All Kinds of Everything". It was written by Derry Lindsay and Jackie Smith and, performed by the Irish singer Dana, it won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970.

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