Identify MM or MC pickup

  • I have an old turntable which I now want to connect to my amp via a phono preamp. It of course has inputs for both MC and MM pickups. Since I didn't buy the turntable or the pickup, I don't know which one it is. How can I tell?

    PS: I'm not sure if I used the right terms since I'm not a native english speaker. Feel free to correct me :-)

    Would need to know the make & model of the pickup to know for certain. Rule of thumb would be if it's an expensive deck, MC, if cheap, MM [but that would still be a guess] The terms stand for Moving Magnet & Moving Coil, btw.

    I actually know what they are and what the difference is. I just don't how to tell them apart. ;-) The turntable is an Akai AP003. No idea if the pickup is the original one though. Doesn't have any type on it. Appart from my case I like to know a general way how to tell them apart.

    It always helps if you add known information, it saves duplicated effort. Anyway, that's a fairly low-end mass market turntable, I'd be surprised if it was MC. Still would need the actual cartridge details - you never know if it was swapped. As the coil & magnet are internal, I doubt you could tell non-destructively

    I guessed that such a question about a specific model would be considered "too localized" so I generalized it on purpose. This way it might help others. Besides that you have a point :-)

    Just trying it showed two things: it's MM and I need a new one anyway because it sounds like crap :-D Still interested in a general solution that's not trial and error.

    I'm pretty sure there isn't one. Long cable plugged to the MC socket might do it, as it's likely to get duller over distance, more capacitance-sensitive

    A better question might be "What is/how can I tell the difference between MC and MM phono cartridges?". (in audio terms that is)

    @AndréStannek There is no such thing as "too localized" on StackExchange anymore. The more details you can give about your problem, the better.

    @BenMiller Oh, that is indeed the case. I didn't noticed so far and missed the blog post about it. Thanks!

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