Why was "Dynamite Rave" remade?

  • Naoki Maeda originally created the song Dynamite Rave for Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix, but it was later redone in either DDR X or DDR X2 (I can't remember which) for "copyright" reasons, apparently due to the lyrics.

    This also means that the Down Bird SOTA Mix, featuring Sota Fujimori, and the B4 ZA Beat Mix were also removed. But there are still songs made by Naoki, which feature lyrics, that are still in the latest mixes of the game, and one of them, called End Of The Century is from the exact same mix.

    What was the problem with the original Dynamite Rave?

    Maybe it's about copyright / law problems so little people can help you.

  • Finally got an answer from Zenius-i-Vanisher, so here goes; It wasn't Naoki Maeda's involvement that was the problem, it was Argie Phine (the rapper) that held a songwriting credit and caused problems in relicensing. His rap in End Of the Century is the reason that was removed as well, albeit at a different time (Dynamite Rave was removed in DDR X AC, End Of the Century was removed in DDR 2014), and since that one was less of a fan-favorite, Konami and Bemani did not commission their new set of singers/rappers to record a new version, while Dynamite Rave was re-made, much to the chagrin of Dance Dance Revolution fans...

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