Album art for "Abraxas" (Santana) and "Bitches Brew" (Miles Davis)

  • Looking at the album art (below) for Abraxas by Santana and Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. Is there a commmon theme going on here? Specifically the African tribal people on the back covers?

    It looks to me like either these people are representing a theme, the same artist did both covers, or some artistic theft has gone on.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?


    It turns out that the artist for both album covers was Mati Klarwein which explains the style and the reproduction of the people.

    But, the question remains, who do they represent (either as a theme or as a people)?

    Abraxas album cover art

    Bitches Brew album cover art

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  • Well, Santana was influenced by Hispanic tradition. It's pretty straightforward. Bitches Brew, however, is different. Miles Davis started experimenting with improvisation and full rhythm sections. It explains the tribal and soulful feel of the album.

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