Ident Romeo and Juliet song

  • I can’t find the cruddy radio copy mp3 I used to have anymore but the first verse goes like this:

    My Juliet..

    I was your Romeo you were my Juliet
    and we were so in love.
    It was instant love.

    It was late night party time when I first set eyes on you.
    I saw you across the room
    when I did my heart went boom.
    That first kiss it filled me so,
    so won't you let me be your romeo
    and you can be my juliet.
    You were dressed as an angel of God
    and looking beautiful you know.
    Your dress was as white as snow
    I wanted to kiss you owh ow owh owh.

    I was your Romeo you were my Juliet
    and we were so in love.
    It was instant love.

    Now I know how Romeo felt
    when he first met Juliet.
    It was love, love at first sight,
    I'm feeling romantic tonight.

    It would have been either late 80s or very early 90s. Male singer. It was typical pop music style with a fast beat.

    Obviously I tried Googling it, but the only thing that comes up is the stupid false positive and some super old unanswered forums.

  • i have a feeling I know this song from 90's! It took me a while to find it (very hard to find anything Romeo & Juliet related!!! It depends exactly which word you choose and how you quote them - I found it by google this way (this is what I remember of that song):

    "i am your juliet you are my romeo"

    And I found it! :-) Slightly different lyrics, but could it be this one? Movetron: Romeo and Juliet (1995)

    This is not the song, the lyrics are completely different except for the similarity with the one quoted line.

  • Blue System "Romeo and Juliet " from 1992

    is there a video ? a link would make the answer easier to read

    This is not the song, the lyrics do not match at all.

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