Are the Anunnaki mentioned in the Bible?

  • The following Bible passages mention “Anakim” and “Anak”:

    • Num 13:22; 13:28; 13:33
    • Deut 1:28; 2:10-11; 2:21, 9:2
    • Josh 11:21-22; 14:12; 14:15; 15:13-14; 21:11
    • Judg 1:20.

    They sound similar.

    Is there any known connection between the biblical Anakim/Anak entities and the Sumerian Anunnaki gods?

  • Gautier C

    Gautier C Correct answer

    6 years ago

    How could they be related ? Anakim just means "sons of Anak". It is just a race of giants, and there is nothing giving them godlike power or something.

    Anunnaki, as I explained in another post, means sons of An. While the terminology is the same, there is nothing in common between those 2 words.

    EDIT : The sumerian language is apparently an language isolate. So it is just a coincidence.

    More than that, in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, an hypothesis linked this word with a goddess from the eastern cultural block, but it is not linked to a semitic deity. Still, I don't see any link with the sumerian gods.

    The problem being that "An(u)" had the same name in Akkadian, which is a Semitic language. Sumerian and Akkadian co-existed for several centuries at least. So any conclusions about phonetic coincidence, while stll highly likely, can't be based on Sumerian being a language isolate.

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