How did the ranking system for the Sumerian pantheon work?

  • According to this source, the gods had some numerical ranks as below:

    1. Anu (ranking #60)
    2. Antu (ranking #55)
    3. Enlil (ranking #50)
    4. Ninlil / Sud (ranking #45)
    5. Enki / EA (ranking #40)
    6. Ninki / Damkina (ranking #35)
    7. Nanna / Nannar / Sin / El (ranking #30)
    8. Ningal (ranking #25)
    9. Utu / Shamash / Allah (ranking #20)
    10. Inanna / Ishtar (ranking #15)
    11. Adad / Ishkur (ranking #10)
    12. Ninhursag / Ninmah / Ninti (ranking #5)

    How did this system work?

    That page, and the specified ranking system, look very dubious to me. Wish there were some citations somewhere in there, but I can't find it reproduced anywhere else.

  • Young Guilo

    Young Guilo Correct answer

    7 years ago

    The ranking system (which I believe to be a little off) seem to be how powerful the god was according to the people and priests.

    Anu is the top dog while his wife Antu is 5 below symbolizing that man was considered higher than women.

    As you can see the system is based on 5's with every male in the 10's and their spouses 5 below.

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