What does Nausicaa symbolize in the Odyssey?

  • There was an interesting question in Lit regarding the meaning of her name, and in my research, I came across some interesting speculation on Nausikaa's distinctness. For instance, she is the one woman Odysseus does not mention to Penelope.

    Modern authors have definitely "run with" this idea, but I'm wondering if anyone here has thoughts on the subject.

    Note: The Wikipedia leaves out her mention in Eliot.

    Nausicaa's myth bears some resemblance to those of Medea, Helen, Ariadne, and Dido: each is divinely swayed to fall in love with a foreign adventurer, by a goddess who is the man's special patroness; and this love leads to forlorn-ness and sorrow for the woman, and some degree of loss or ruin for her people. Nausicaa's is perhaps the gentlest version of the pattern.

    She symbolizes a young woman discovering (longing first) her first love. See her playing balls with her mates before Ulysses comes out "like a lion". And just a little bit of knowledge of mythical scenes tells you that: Rape in the air. Still, as every girl are running away in terror (logical rape in the air), Nausicaa stands bravely and toys a little bit Ulysses with marriage potential. she says something as "Who is this man following nausicaa? He is handsome. Could he be her husband,"

    Hello! So I'm looking at some old unanswered questions, and I came across yours. I'm trying to find an answer for it, but I'm unsure of what your question is asking. What exactly do you mean by "symbolize"? Do you want to know who she is? What she did?

    @FuzzySquid More trying to get at "what she means", in terms of the significations of her identity and actions.

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