Was the rule of Zeus ever challenged?

  • Zeus became king of the gods and absolute ruler of the cosmos when he overthrew his father Cronus in the Titanomachy.

    I wonder if his reign was ever challenged after that?

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    In the Illiad, Hera rebels against Zeus, and gets the other gods to bind him to his throne after she drugs him:

    "You [Thetis] said you only among the immortals beat aside shameful destruction from Kronos' son [Zeus] the dark-misted, that time when all the other Olympian gods sought to bind him, Hera and Poseidon and Pallas Athene. Then you, goddess, went and set him free from his shackles, summoning in speed the creature of the hundred hands to tall Olympos, that creature the gods name Briareos, but all men Aigaios' son, but he is far greater in strength than his father. He rejoicing in the glory of it sat down by Kronion, and the rest of the blessed gods were frightened and gave up binding him."

    I found this on Theoi.com, which also quotes the Argonautica on how Zeus hung his wife in the sky by her hair, with anvils attached to her feet, as punishment.

    Thank you. I never thought any of the Olympians would challenge Zeus like that.

    What do you mean by "vault of heaven?"

    Nothing - on checking with the Perseus site, I edited it to reflect their translation. (Iliad xv: 15-25).

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