Is there a tale of Zeus having sex with a deer?

  • I heard about a myth saying Zeus had sex with a deer, but after hours of research, I hold nothing. Can anyone tell me of this myth?

    I am especially interested in acquiring any information about a supposed child that came of this union.

    The first place to search for anything like that is Ovid.

    I tried a Perseus search (English) for "deer/hart/hind/roe" in Ovid's *Metamorphoses* and Apollodorus, both, and found no such tale.

    Not as far as I know *(but he probably did get around to it as some point;)*

  • Ouroboros

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    4 years ago

    This is the story of the nymph Taygete, one of the Pleiades. When Zeus pursued her, Artemis transformed her to a hind (or a cow) with golden horns. However, Zeus wasn't fooled by the disguise and raped the nymph. The result of their union is Lacedaemon, the legendary founder of Sparta.

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