Is there a creature in mythology that is a frost bird or a frost phoenix?

  • I searched a lot but I couldn't find a creature that is similar to a frost phoenix or a frost bird, or a giant creature similar to a frost bird for example.

    It's for a project (I like to keep real mythology in my story) and I want something as close as this as possible.

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    7 years ago

    The Pomola is a snow bird spirit in Native American mythology, it lived on Mt Katahdin and caused cold weather

    In Penobscot folklore, the Pomola was a bird spirit that lived on Mt Katahdin. It was associated with night, wind, snow, and storms. Apparently it had a moose's head according to some legends. The Penobscots and Abenakis avoided climbing to the top of this mountain so as not to disturb it.

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