What was Plato's inspiration for the Atlantis myth?

  • Did an island actually sink in ancient Greece, due to a volcanic eruption or some other cataclysmic event perhaps?

    Was it completely wiped off the map by a tsunami?

    Did Plato base his story on fact or is it a work of fiction?

    Could it be this, that Plato was awake suddenly as philosopher simply by being shocked about an natural incident ?! By lost love or simply by an earthquake ?!

    Based on facts and fiction are not the only two options.

  • yannis

    yannis Correct answer

    7 years ago

    We don't know. The only sources for the story are Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, for all we know the story of Atlantis is a completely fictitious product.

    That said, any of the following historical catastrophes may have been an inspiration for Atlantis:

    • Minoan eruption

      Thera (partially) sunk as a result of the eruption, which also produced a tsunami that devastated Minoan Crete and reached as far as Egypt.

    • Helike

      The city was completely submerged by an earthquake or its subsequent tsunami in 373 BC, about a decade before Plato wrote Timaeus and Critias.

    • Pavlopetri

      The city was completely submerged by an earthquake sometime around 1000 BC.

    So I've spent my life searching for a _completely fictitious product_... this will not sit well with the wife.

    @Daft Explain to her that you're just like a Trekkie, but of Atlantis. (And I *am* a Trekkie, so I mean that quite positively.)

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