Where did the Roman gods live?

  • The ancient Greek gods lived on the famous Mount Olympus, which is an actual mountain in Greece.

    The Romans borrowed quite a bit of mythology from the Greeks, so I at first assumed that the Roman gods lived somewhere similar, if not in the exact same place (though perhaps with the mountain renamed and moved somewhere else). Strangely enough, though, I have not been able to find any ancient accounts that make that claim - nor any mention of the home of the Roman gods at all, save for on a certain (rather untrustworthy and often inaccurate) question-and-answer site.

    Where did the Roman gods live? Were they said to live on Mount Olympus (or an equivalent place), or was their home somewhere else?

    I'd expand on this after some research, but to get this out there, They have a dedicated temple for all Major Gods, The Pantheon.

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    The Romans also thought them to live on Mount Olympos. For instance, Lucius Annaeus Seneca writes in his play Hercules Furens that, appealing to Jupiter for mercy, Amphitryon prayed:

    [205] O magne Olympi rector et mundi arbiter,
    Jam statue tandem gravibus aerumnis modum

    O mighty ruler of Olympus, judge of all the world,
    set now at length a limit to our crushing cares, an end to our disasters.

    In the rest of the play, Senea used Roman names to refer to the deities, such as Juno instead of Hera:

    [213-4] Sequitur a primo statim infesta Juno

    From his very birth relentless Juno has pursued him.

    Hence, the Roman equivalent of Olympos is Olympos.

    Seneca wrote this after Greece had been absorbed into the Empire, which means this was probably infected with the Greek influence that the question was trying to separate out.

    @T.E.D. Roman religious beliefs had been "infected" with Greek elements since before their earliest written records. In any case, the question does not seem at all like it's excluding Greek influence.

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