Does authoritative DHCP server mean no static IP setting?

  • I've recently switched my Mikrotik Router's DHCP server to authoritative mode. It fixed several problems with some clients remembering bad IP addresses. But what would happen if I connected a device with static IP to the network? Will the DHCP server protest, or is it ok?

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    8 years ago

    This only deals with how the DHCP server responds to a client DHCP REQUEST for a certain IP address that is not provided by the DHCP server configuration.

    If it isn't part of the DHCP scope on the Mikrotik and the setting is yes, then it responds with a DHCP NACK message, which should prompt the client to do a DHCP DISCOVER.

    If set to no, then it will just ignore those packets (assuming that there may be another DHCP server to handle the request).

    This should have no effect on a statically assigned IP address since they do not make a DHCP REQUEST. However, I always prefer to still do my static IP addresses through static reservations on the DHCP server when possible.

    Thanks, this seems to be the case. If I understand it correctly, when I set a static IP on a machine, it doesn't send the DHCP request, therefore it cannot be rejected. The rest is then just a question if setting static IP or static lease is better :)

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