What is the meaning of RSSI?

  • When using mobile 3G routers, you see in the output of the "show cellullar 0 all" command. What is the significance of this value? Is this interpretation the same when talking about 2G or 3G?


    • 2G connection, RSSI -75
    • 3G connection, RSSI -75
    • 2G connection, RSSI -100
    • 3G connection, RSSI -100

    I understood what is RSSI, but I wonder how many times per minutes the RSSI is checked with phone? If someone knows it could be nice! I know that for the RxLev or the RxQual (which occur during the communication) it is around every 20ms, but I think the RSSI could not be like that, otherwise the mobile will be out of battery in a few minutes.

  • RSSI is a Radio-Frequency (RF) term and stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator. It is a measure of the power level that a RF device, such as WiFi or 3G client, is receiving from the radio infrastructure at a given location and time. For instance, the power level a laptop is detecting from a nearby AP.

    Usually, the higher the RSSI the better the quality and speed of the communication through the radio segment.

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