How do you get rid of deleted sub-interfaces from NVRAM?

  • This is more of a cosmetic issue however it does bug me....

    I removed the sub-interfaces off a 3845 router by issuing.

    no int fast1/0.10
    no int fast1/0.15
    default int fast1/0

    When I do a show run....the subinterfaces are no longer there. However, a show ip int br has them listed as follows:

    router#sh ip int br
    Interface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol
    FastEthernet1/0            unassigned      YES manual down                  down 
    FastEthernet1/0.13         unassigned      YES NVRAM  deleted               down
    FastEthernet1/0.30         unassigned      YES NVRAM  deleted               down

    How do I remove them from NVRAM without a reboot?

  • Ricky

    Ricky Correct answer

    8 years ago

    reload is the only way to purge them.

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