Wifi dropping randomly on Cisco AP-1602

  • I have a single Cisco AP-1602 broadcasting 3 SSIDs in a small office. Some of my team are complaining about random drops in network connectivity. (Over 3 days, I've had 3 different users complain about drops every 10 minutes or so.)

    What could be causing this? Are 3 SSIDs on the same channel at the same strength (because they are all from the same AP) causing interference? Are these APs built to broadcast multiple networks or was I sold a bill of goods by a reseller?

    How many users are there total and how many have the issue? What hardware are they using? Have you performed a site survey?

    We see a similar issue due to RF congestion. Located in New York facing an apartment building (with an AP likely in most every window) we see hundreds of broadcast SSID's. The typically successful channel hopping to find clear RF is hopeless in this environment. It happens so often our AP's would even self-reset after a period of time, thus causing clients a momentary drop. We have to hard set the channels and just live with the crowded RF.

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    8 years ago

    The problem seemed to be solved by two things that neither one should have changed anything:

    1. switched from WPA2 to WPA. (Yes, I know that any post 2007 device should be fine with WPA2.)
    2. reduced the number of ssid's being broadcast from 3 to 1. (Yes, as @YLearn responded, the AP should be fine with multiple SSIDs.)

    So the problem is gone but the best explanation I have is, sadly, magic.

    Make sure you are doing WPA/AES and not WPA/TKIP. If you are using TKIP, this will disable the HT (i.e. 802.11n) data rates. If you did switch to TKIP and that helped, I would again look at firmware on the AP and drivers on the client.

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