I'm setting up a Cisco CCNA lab, what equipment would you recommend?

  • Is it okay to use a Cisco 2948 for CCNA students, after all it's cheaper to get these switches and they have more features? Wouldn't this be better than a 2950 switch?

    In the planning, I believe that certification questions were decided as being outside the scope of this site. This skirts on the edge of that decision and should probably be re-written to avoid it.

    @DaveNoonan: As it's written now, I'm reading it as a specific question; what hardware, perhaps the model he suggests, could he use for this specific purpose. I'm reading this as a questions about 2948/2950, more than a question about the CCNA. On the other hand, post a Q in meta if you disagree.

  • CCNA requires the student to be familiar with the IOS operating system, this makes the Cisco 2948 unusable for a CCNA lab as it runs Catalyst OS (CatOS) and there is no way to upgrade the operating system from CatOS to IOS. So while it may have more features, for a pure CCNA lab it's not really usable.

    Personally I would also recommend the following equipment (if you are not opting for GNS3):

    • 2 x Cisco 2610XM Advanced Fast Ethernet 128Mb Dram / 32mb flash IOS 12.4 Adv Security

    • Cisco 1760 Fast Ethernet 64Mb Dram / 32mb flash IOS 12.4 Adv Security

    • 3 x WIC-1T for the two 2600 routers

    • 2 x Cisco ws2950

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