Configure a Guest network on a Sonicwall TZ-205 N

  • I'm trying to configure a Sonicwall TZ-205 N to have 2 wireless networks. The first wireless network is a guest network which only has access to the internet (client isolation would be nice but is not a requirement). The second wireless network is a hidden network that has access to the internet as well as other devices on the LAN.

    Can this all be accomplished with a single device or will I need to purchase a second sonicwall wireless device?

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  • One option with the sonicwall enhanced os for the TZ-205 would be setting up wireless guest services (

    Otherwise I think you may be able to setup new wireless profile and virtual access point. Then manually prevent access from it to your LAN zone with firewall rules.

  • One single device (Sonicpoint) is enough for the configuration you're seeking. If you need 2 wireless networks you'll have to create 2 virtual interfaces (and 2 different zones). Client isolation is also possible.

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