How soon after giving birth can a cat be spayed?

  • The cat is pregnant and we want to get her spayed, we don't want her to accidentally get pregnant again nor do we want to put her or the kittens at risk. How long do we need to wait? If she is still nursing the kittens does that impact spaying?

    FYI - I see there is question about a 9 month old kitten/cat that is still nursing

    I did some research on this and am finding all ranges of answer 5-6 weeks and 2 weeks after weening there are some suggesting sooner (as a cat can get pregnant before the kittens are weened and some longer. All seemed to be opinion based without good references.

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    When Should She Be Spayed?

    I wasn't able to find any definitive information about when a nursing mother should be spayed, but spaying nursing mothers seems common in TNR (trap neuter return) groups (it's better to spay a cat that you have in a trap now, then try to trap her again later).

    Ally Cat Allies (a leading TNR group) states (based, presumably, on their 25 years of experience in TNR advocacy):

    Nursing mother cats continue to produce milk after being spayed, and can continue to nurse their kittens.

    Best Spaying Technique for Nursing Mother

    If you want to get her spayed while she is nursing, you can call the local veterinarians and ask if they are experienced in flank spaying.

    In the US, cats are normally spayed with an incision along their midline (the belly), but in UK (at least in 2006) the incision is more commonly located along the flank (along the side).

    The benefit of a flank spay for a nursing mother is that the incision is less likely to be affected by any leaking milk, and you will be able to monitor the incision without bothering the kittens.

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