Is there an app to tell whether a pet's chipped?

  • Is anyone aware of software which could be used to check if an animal is chipped / that could potentially read the chip also?


    My girlfriend and I have been visited frequently by a cat which may be lost. We'd like to take it to the vets to check for a chip, but the local vets all seem to be closed at weekends, and our work hours make visiting during the week hard. Also we're anxious about putting someone else's cat into a basket and wandering around London with her. I believe the chips communicate via NFC, so would think that it should be possible for an NFC enabled smartphone to detect this. That would at least let us know if she is chipped; and there may even be a way to use this info to get more; e.g. an owner's contact details, or at least an ID which we could report to a vet by phone).

    Many animal shelters have a scanner and will scan for free.

    We are now 2016, is there any development in reading ID-chips for pets with IPhone/android devices?

    Take your cat to a hotel and try to open up the door with it, if the door beeps, the cat is chipped :)

  • John Cavan

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    6 years ago

    Many phones don't currently have the ability to read passive RFID chips, which is what the microchips in your pets are, but some can. Not on IOS, that I know of, but there are Android-based phones with RFID reading capability (Samsung Galaxy, for example) and there are some apps for that purpose.

    However, not all pet microchips are the same and it's possible that none of them are compatible with the reader technology in your phone and that's really the key to it. You need to know what standards and frequency your phone can read and then what chip, with its standards and frequencies, is in your pet. Assuming that the chip follows any of the standards... not all do.

    As an aside, if you really want to, you can buy a scanner to do the check, but typically you can often feel them. The chip, in cats, is usually injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. If your cat is normal body weight (or thinner), you can sometimes feel the small, slim, cylinder there. Unfortunately, not feeling it doesn't mean it's absent.

    As Frisbee noted, might be better taking the cat into a shelter to get scanned. They're usually open on weekends, prime adoption period, and if you call ahead, I would think most would accommodate and they will normally have the ability to check where it's registered if there's one present. If there isn't one, you might be able to pay them to do it, it's a trivial procedure to do, and then have them register you guys.

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