How do I keep my supply of feeder crickets from keeping me awake at night?

  • In college, I had a pet lizard that ate crickets. However, the dorm room was quite small, and keeping crickets on hand proved problematic, as their chirping at night was annoying, and interfered with my sleep.

    Is there something I could do to keep them quiet during the night?

    I try to give my lizards the male crickets first, that way there are less of them chirping at night

  • We buy crickets regularly for two frogs, and we have purchased crickets from two local pet stores. Every batch of crickets we have purchased from one of the pet stores is noisy, chirping like crazy. Every batch of crickets we have purchased from the other pet store is essentially silent. As a result, we now only purchase crickets from the store with non-chirping crickets.

    I would suggest trying different stores until you find quieter crickets.

    I originally thought that it was the different species of crickets at the different stores that caused the difference in chirping. However, I asked the guy at my favorite pet store. He had no idea what species of crickets he had, but he said that the difference was in the size of the crickets. He said that crickets start chirping when they get to about 1 inch in size. At other pet stores, their "large" crickets are 1 inch long, and lots of them will chirp. He specifically stocks 3/4 inch crickets as his largest size, and as a result, they hardly ever get a chirping one.

    So if you need quiet crickets, get smaller ones. If your pet store doesn't have a good selection of smaller crickets, it is time to find another supplier.

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